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Do you know about Jiban?

If you are a fan of hero characters from Japan, I am sure you know about Jiban. It is a television series that was so popular at the time. If you just found out about it then you can get more information here. Jiban is a cyborg detective that Doctor Kenzo brought back to life as the man called Naoto Tamura killed by a Bionoid Monster. He is a new detective in Central City. For your information, Jiban’s badge can be used to control the armaments electronically. It was produced in 1989 that is why there are some people who do not know about Jiban since it is kind of an old series.

If you want to know more about Jiban, it is quite hard to know about the stories since there are no television stations that air the series. But it does not mean that you cannot watch it at all because you can watch it on the internet.

Astro Boy

A popular manga series, Astro Boy

Who does not know Astro Boy? A Japanese manga series that was and is still popular even this time; Osamu Tezuka was the one who wrote and illustrated Astro Boy. Talking about Astro Boy, we know that the story is so interesting; it follows the adventures of an android which is Astro Boy. If you have not watched this manga series yet, you need to give it a try because it is the first popular animated Japanese television series that really loved by people all over the world.

With all the successes that Astro Boy has, they remade it in 1980 and in 2003 as well. Then in 2015 good news came when a trailer of new animated series was announced. In addition, Astro Boy is a science fiction series that focuses on some adventures. There are English language versions for you who want to know more about Astro Boy by watching the series.

Sailor Moon

Get back to the Sailor Moon era

Sailor Moon probably becomes one of the popular girls in the world as her appearance was a big hit few years back then. If you are the 90 generation then you are obviously so familiar or even really well about Sailor Moon. Let’s take a look at the detail information of this pretty girl. Sailor Moon written by Naoko Takeuchi and it was serialized from 1991 – 1997. Through the popular catchy lines where she shout out her power, the world like hypnotized by her beauty. Some even love the costume that she wears; it made some designers came with the idea of bringing the costume out to the real life where they combined it with some models.

When we talk about the stories, well I can hear you squealing here, it is about a young school girl named Usagi Tsukino who can transform as a titular character to search the “Legendary Silver Crystal” it was an artifact. The story becomes more interesting when she has friends that called Sailor Soldiers which she takes a role as a leader. Of course, there are the battles happen; they fight against villains to protect the Silver Crystal from the theft as well as the destruction of Solar System.

There are so many people who really into Sailor Moon because the stories are so interesting and also the girls are so cute. It was a manga series that released like years ago yet most people are still in love with Sailor Moon and the girls. It shows that the Sailor Moon has a special place in people’s hearts so that even the time flies so fast, they still remember about Sailor Moon.

You are going to admit it that the costumes that Sailor Moon’s squads wear are so cute, we can differentiate them by the colors. I am 100% sure you want to wear them as well!

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